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Fortunata "Natuzza" Evolo (23 August 1924 – 1 November 2009) wis a Italian Catholic meestic. She is said tae hae receivit the stigmata.[1]

Life[eedit | eedit soorce]

A few months before Natuzza's birth at Paravati, near Mileto in Calabrie, her faither emigratit tae Argentinae tae leuk for wirk an the faimily niver saw him again. Maria Angela Valente, Natuzza's mither, teuk on aw sorts o wirk tae feed her numerous faimily. As soon as she was able, Natuzza (a diminutive o Fortunata, a common name in Calabrie) tree'd tae help her mither an brithers; she wis tharefore unable tae go tae schuil, an indeed niver learned tae read or write.

In 1944 she marriet Pasquale Nicolace, a carpenter, an they haed five childer, but frae quite an early age she wis said tae hae haed veesions o Oor Laird an Oor Lady. Thare is a five-volume bibliografie on Natuzza bi Prof. Valerio Marinelli, wi mony interviews whaur she explains these facts. The bibliografie haes interviews wi ithers who claim tae hae been healed bi her prayers or tae hae receivit ither graces an aw. Natuzza became kent for the appearance on her bouk o blood-coloured images an wirds aroond the time o Easter, an these caused her great psychological an pheesical pain. Some o the wirds wur foond tae be Ebreu an Aramaic, which wis strange acause she coud no read or write, even in her native Italian. For decades, devout Catholics frae Calabrie, then the rest o Italy, began comin tae her tae ask for advice an prayers, an tae ask her for information aboot the souls o their relatives.

On 13 May 1987 wirk began on biggin a shrine in Paravati dedicatit tae the Immaculate Hert o Mary, Refuge o Sinners, destined tae be her hame for the rest o her life an tae provide accommodation for the elderly. This is still awaitin authorisation bi the Airchbishop o Mileto. Italian television crews came several times tae interview her an in 1994 she published her autobiografie. A documentar film aboot her wis producit in 1987.[2] In 2007 a special programme wis broadcast aboot an impresario frae Calabrie who haed recovered frae leukaemia, an he interviewed Natuzza.

Fortunata Evolo wis admittit tae the hospital on 29 October 2009, but amaist immediately she was released, an dee'd o renal failur on the fore-nuin o Sunday 1 November at the Immaculate Hert auld fowk's hame. The Kirk bells wur ordered bi the Pairish Priest, Natuzza's spiritual director, to peal out for the Feast o Aw Saunts. Thoosans o Catholics came frae aw ower Europe tae pay their respects, an the cause for her beatification is expected tae be stairtit vera suin.

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