Nassau Coonty, Florida

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Nassau Coonty, Florida
Seal o Nassau Coonty, Florida
Map of Florida highlighting Nassau County
Location in the state o Florida
Map o the U.S. heichlichtin Florida
Florida's location in the U.S.
Foondit December 29, 1824
Namit for Duchy o Nassau
Seat Fernandina Beach
Lairgest ceety Yulee
 - Total
 - Land
 - Watter

725.86 sq mi (1,880 km²)
651.55 sq mi (1,688 km²)
74.30 sq mi (192 km²), 10.24%
 - (2010)
 - Density

112/sq mi (43.43/km²)

Nassau Coonty is a coonty locatit in the state o Florida. As o 2010, the population wis 73,314. The U.S. Census Bureau 2008 estimate for the coonty wis 69,835.[1] Its coonty seat is Fernandina Beach.[2]

Nassau Coonty is pairt o the Greater Jacksonville Metropolitan aurie.

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