Napoleon III

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(Reguidit frae Napoleon III o Fraunce)
Napoléon III
Alexandre Cabanel 002.jpg
Emperor Napoléon III in circa 1865 bi Cabanel
Emperor o the French
Ring2 December 1852 –
4 September 1870
PredecessorMonarchy re-creatit
Louis Philippe I
as Keeng o the French
SuccessorMonarchy abolished
Louis Jules Trochu
as Preses o the Govrenment o Naitional Defence
Cabinet Chiefs
President of the French Republic
In office20 December 1848 –
2 December 1852
PredecessorRepublic re-creatit
Louis-Eugène Cavaignac
as Chief o the Executive Pouer
SuccessorRepublic abolished
Prime Meenisters
Born20 Apryle 1808(1808-04-20)
Paris, French Empire
Dee'd9 Januar 1873(1873-01-09) (aged 64)
Chislehurst, Ingland
BuirialSt Michael's Abbey, Ingland
SpouseEugénie de Montijo
IssueNapoléon, Prince Imperial
Full name
Charles Louis Napoléon Bonaparte
FaitherLouis I o Holland
MitherHortense de Beauharnais
ReleegionRoman Catholicism
SeegnaturNapoléon III's signature

Louis Napoléon Bonaparte (20 Aprile 1808 – 9 Januar 1873) wis the anly Preses (1848–52) o the French Seicont Republic an, as Napoléon III, the Emperor (1852–70) o the Seicont French Empire.

Bairn[eedit | eedit soorce]

  1. Napoléon Eugène Louis Jean Joseph Bonaparte, Prince Imperial o Fraunce (16 Mairch 1856 – 1 Juin 1879) died in the Anglo-Zulu War. Haed nae childer.

Teetles an styles[eedit | eedit soorce]

  • 20 Aprile 1808 – 9 Julie 1810: His Imperial an Ryal Highness Prince Louis Napoléon o Fraunce, Prince o Holland.
  • 20 Aprile 1808 – 20 December 1848: His Imperial Highness Prince Louis Napoléon o Fraunce.
  • 20 December 1848 – 2 December 1852: His Imperial Highness Louis Napoléon Bonaparte, The Prince-President o the French Republic.
  • 2 December 1852 – 1 Mairch 1871: His Imperial Majesty The Emperor o the French.
  • 1 Mairch 1871 – 9 Januar 1873: His Imperial Majesty Napoléon III.