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  • 南越  (Cheenese)
  • Nam Việt  (Vietnamese)
204 BC–111 BC
Location o Nanyue at its greatest extent
Location o Nanyue at its greatest extent
Caipital Panyu
Common leids Auld Cheenese
Baiyue (Auncient Yue)
Govrenment Monarchy
Emperor or Keeng  
• 204–137 BC
Zhao Tuo
• 137–122 BC
Zhao Mo
• 122–113 BC
Zhao Yingqi
• 113–112 BC
Zhao Xing
• 112–111 BC
Zhao Jiande
Prime Meenister  
• 130 BC –111 BC
Lü Jia (zh:吕嘉 (南越国))
• Qin "War o Pacification"
218 BC
• Establishment
204 BC
• First tribute tae Han dynasty
196 BC
• Zhao Tuo accession
183 BC
• Conquest o Âu Lạc
179 BC
• Seicont tribute tae Han dynasty
179 BC
111 BC
• 111 BC
Currency Banliang
Precedit bi
Succeedit bi
Qin dynasty
An Dương Vương
Wastren Han dynasty
First Cheenese domination o Vietnam
The day pairt o Cheenae
Cheenese name
Cheenese 南越
Hanyu Pinyin Nányuè
Cantonese Jyutping Naam⁴-jyut⁶
Leeteral meanin "Southern Yue"
Vietnamese name
Vietnamese Nam Việt
Hán-Nôm 南越

Nanyue (Cheenese: 南越; pinyin: Nányuè) or Nam Viet (Vietnamese: Nam Việt[1]; Zhuang: Namzyied) wis an auncient kinrick that kivert pairts o northren Vietnam an the modren Cheenese provinces o Guangdong, Guangxi, an Yunnan.

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