Nanking Massacre

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Nanking Massacre (Rape o Nanking)
Pairt o the Seicont Sino-Japanese War
Nanking bodies 1937.jpg
The corpse o massacred victims on the shore o the Qinhuai River wi a Japanese sodger staundin nearbi
DateDecember 13, 1937 – Januar 1938
LocationNanjing, Cheenae
  • 50,000–300,000 dead (primary soorces)[1][2]
  • 40,000–300,000 dead (scholartly consensus)[3]
  • 300,000 dead (Cheenese govrenment, scholartly consensus in Cheenae)[4][5][6]
Nanking Massacre
Chinese name
Traditional Chinese南京大屠殺
Simplified Chinese南京大屠杀
Japanese name
Kanji1. 南京大虐殺
2. 南京事件

The Nanking Massacre wis an episode o mass murther an mass rape committit bi Japanese truips against the residents o Nanjing (then spelled Nanking), then the caipital o the Republic o Cheenae during the Seicont Sino-Japanese War. The massacre occurred ower a period o sax weeks stairtin on December 13, 1937, the day that the Japanese capturt Nanjing. During this period, sodgers o the Imperial Japanese Airmy murthert Cheenese ceevilians an disairmed combatants wha nummered an estimatit 40,000 tae ower 300,000,[7][8] an perpetratit widespread rape an luitin.[9][10]

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