Nancheng Destrict

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Nancheng Destrict
Cheenese transcription(s)
 • Cheenese 南城区
 • Pinyin nánchéng qū
Kintra Cheenae
Province Guangdong
Prefectur Dongguan
Time zone Cheenae Staundart (UTC+8)

Nancheng Destrict is a destrict o Guangdong, Cheenae. It is unner the admeenistration o Dongguan ceety.

Geography[eedit | eedit soorce]

Nancheng is a toun locatit in the new ceety central aurie o Dongguan, an whaur the Municipal Committee o Communist Pairty o Cheenae an the Municipal Govrenment o Dongguan situate at an aw. The destrict occupees a aurie o 59 square metres wi 17 Commonty Resident Committees unner its jurisdiction. Total resident population o 62,000 an new Dongguanese o 153,000 reside in the destrict. It is the new poleetical an cultural centre o Dongguan, efter the govrenment muivit here frae the auld ceety centre at Guancheng Destrict.

Infrastructurs an public facilities[eedit | eedit soorce]

The prime location o Nancheng leads easy access tae aw pairts o the ceety an economic zones in Cheenae, Hong Kong an Macau wi aww the heich-gates, railwey, canal an ither connectin infrastructurs. Mony biggins an public facilities like International Conventional Centre, Congress biggin, Yulan Theatre, Heritage Museum, Science an Technologie Museum, public librar an Childer & Youth Centre, aw stuid as seembols o Dongguan, are locatit in Nancheng.

Economics[eedit | eedit soorce]

GDP o Nancheng in 2008 reached RMB18,300,000,000, representit an increase o 16.4% frae last year. Nancheng recordit a total tax revenue o RMB3,100,000,000 wi a increase o 15.2% yoy. The balance o deposit wis RMB41,900,000,000 wi a increase o 11.5% yoy. Retail sales o consumer guids in the destrict reached RMB5,040,000,000 wi a increase o 29% yoy.

Mony lairge internaitional enterprises hae set up hubs in Nancheng, such as Walmart, Nokia, Nestle, etc., an frae the leet 12 o thaim are the warld’s lairgest 500 enterprises. Thare are 13 naitional heich an new technological enterprises such as Dongguan Anwell Digital Machinery Co., Ltd., Dongguan Land Dragon Paper Industries Co., Ltd., an Dongguan Shengyi Copper Clad laminate Co., Ltd. etc.,,[1] ane provincial level innovative pilot enterprise an 26 provincial heich an new technological enterprises situatit in Nancheng that coud further promote Nancheng as a key region that haes the maist operation hubs o warldwide enterprises.[2]

References[eedit | eedit soorce]

Coordinates: 23°01′17″N 113°44′17″E / 23.02134°N 113.73811°E / 23.02134; 113.73811