Naitional Leebrary o Scotland

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Naitional Leebrary o Scotland
National Library of Scotland, Edinburgh.JPG
The main biggin on George IV Brig
Kintra Scotland
Type Naitional leebrary
Established 1925
Reference tae legal mandate National Library of Scotland Act 1925 & 2012
Location Edinburgh
Coordinates 55°56′55″N 3°11′31″W / 55.948554°N 3.191899°W / 55.948554; -3.191899Coordinates: 55°56′55″N 3°11′31″W / 55.948554°N 3.191899°W / 55.948554; -3.191899
Size 14M printed eetems
Legal deposit Ireland an the Unitit Kinrick
Access and use
Access requirements [1]
Other information
Budget Operating budget 2010/11 £14.882 million GBP
Director Dr. John Scally, National Librarian an Chief Executive
Staff 340

The Naitional Leebrary o Scotland (Scots Gaelic: Leabharlann Nàiseanta na h-Alba, Inglis: National Library of Scotland) is the legal deposit leebrary o Scotland an is ane o the kintra's National Collections.