Naitional Leebrary o Australie

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Naitional Leebrary o Australie
National Library of Australia, ACT - perspective controlled.jpg
Established23  1961; 59 years ago (1961-03-23)
Reference tae legal mandateNational Library Act 1960
LocationCanberra, ACT
Coordinates35°17′47″S 149°07′46″E / 35.296379°S 149.129448°E / -35.296379; 149.129448Coordinates: 35°17′47″S 149°07′46″E / 35.296379°S 149.129448°E / -35.296379; 149.129448
Items collectitBeuks, magazines, picturs, photographs, maps, sheet muisic, manuscripts, wabsteids
Size6.93 million items
Criterie for collectionPublications made available tae the Australie public
Legal depositDeegital an haurd-copy Australie published materials
Other information
BudgetA$57,800,000 (2015–16)
DirectorMarie-Louise Ayres
Staff400 (2016)
References: [1][2][3][4]

The Naitional Leebrary o Australie (Inglis: National Library of Australia) is the lairgest reference leebrary in Australie, responsible unner the terms o the National Library Act for "maintainin an developin a naitional collection o leebrar material, includin a comprehensive collection o leebrary material relatin tae Australie an the Australian fowk." In 2012–2013, the Naitional Leebrar collection comprised 6,496,772 eetems, an an addeetional 15,506 metres (50,873 ft) o manuscript material.[3]

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