Naitional Convention

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Naitional Convention
Convention nationale
French First Republic
Coat of arms or logo
Autel de la Convention nationale or
Autel républicain
François-Léon Sicard
Panthéon de Paris, Fraunce, 1913
Established20 September 1792
Disbaundit2 November 1795
Precedit biLegislative Assembly
Succeedit biCooncil o Auncients (upper hoose)
Cooncil o Five Hunder (lawer hoose)
Meeting place
Tuileries Palace, Paris

The Naitional Convention (French: Convention nationale) wis a single-chamber assembly in Fraunce frae 21 September 1792 tae 26 October 1795 (4 Brumaire IV unner the Convention's adoptit calendar) during the French Revolution. It succeedit the Legislative Assembly an foondit the First Republic efter the insurrection o 10 August 1792.