Nadia Comăneci

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Nadia Comăneci
Nadia Comaneci 1977.jpg
Nadia Comăneci durin her practice session for an appearance at the Hartford Civic Center. (October 1977)
Personal information
Full name Nadia Elena Comăneci
Kintra representit  Romanie
Born (1961-11-12) November 12, 1961 (age 56)
Onești, Romanie
Discipline Weemen's airtistic gymnastics
Gym Naitional Trainin Center
Imwhile coach(es) Béla Károlyi
Márta Károlyi
Choreographer Geza Pozsar
Eponymous skills Comăneci salto (uneven bars)
Retired 1981

Nadia Elena Comăneci (Romanie pronunciation: [ˈnadi.a koməˈnet͡ʃʲ]; born November 12, 1961) is a Romanie gymnast, winner o three Olympic gowd medals at the 1976 Simmer Olympics in Montreal an the first female gymnast tae be awairdit a perfect score o 10 in an Olympic gymnastic event.