Nîmes Olympique

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Nîmes Olympique
Fou name Nîmes Olympique
Football Club
Elk-name(s) Les crocodiles
Foondit 10 April 1937; 81 years ago (10 April 1937)
Grund Stade des Costières,
(capacity: 18,482)
Chairman Jean-Louis Gazeau
Manager José Pasqualetti
League Ligue 2
2011–12 Championnat National, 1st (promotit)
Wabsteid Club hame page
Home colours
Away colours

Nîmes Olympique (commonly referred tae as simply Nîmes) is a French association fitbaw club based in Nîmes. The club wis furmed on 10 Aprile 1937 an currently play in Ligue 2, the seicont level o French fitbaw. The club's maist important achievements wis winnin Ligue 2 in 1950 an the Championnat National in 1997 an in 2012. Nîmes plays its hame matches at the Stade des Costières locatit within the ceety. The team is managed bi José Pasqualetti.