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Municipality of Jezersko

Občina Jezersko
Location of the Municipality of Jezersko in Slovenia
Location of the Municipality of Jezersko in Slovenia
Coordinates: 46°23′34″N 14°29′51″E / 46.39278°N 14.49750°E / 46.39278; 14.49750Coordinates: 46°23′34″N 14°29′51″E / 46.39278°N 14.49750°E / 46.39278; 14.49750
Country Slovenia
 • MayorJurij Markič
 • Total68.8 km2 (26.6 sq mi)
 • Tot638
 • Density9.3/km2 (24/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+01 (CET)
 • Summer (DST)UTC+02 (CEST)
Pasture Lake (Planšarsko jezero), an artificial lake in Jezersko
Panoramic view towards Zgornje Jezersko

The Municipality o Jezersko (German: Gemeinde Seeland, Slovenie: Občina Jezersko) is a municipality in northren Slovenie. Jezersko wis pairt o the Municipality o Preddvor an became a unthirlt municipality in 1998.[2] Oreeginally locatit in the historic region o Carinthie, it became pairt o the Upper Carniola Statistical Region in 2005.

Jezersko is locatit in the remote Kokra Valley in the Kamnik–Savinja Alps, sooth o the Seeberg Saddle muntain pass an the border wi the Austrian state o Carinthie.

History[eedit | eedit soorce]

The name o the aurie derives frae a glacial loch near the dounset o Zgornje Jezersko that stairtit tae disappear efter an yirdquauk in 1348. Housomeivver, it wis still described bi Johann Weikhard von Valvasor in 1689 as a lairge loch.[2] It gae the aurie its German name Seeland (leeterally "loch land", first recordit as Seelant in 1496), an its Slovene equivalent Jezersko, which came intae uise at the end o the 19t hunderyear. A document frae 1391 mentions the kirk o "St. Oswald bi the Loch" (Sv. Ožbolt pri Jezeru).

The remote veelage wis pairt o the Duchy o Carinthie till 1919, admeenistratively linkit tae Eisenkappel in the north; housomeivver, the residents did no consider thairsels "true" Carinthies.[3] It wis tharefore the anerly dounset awready cedit bi the Carinthie Landtag assembly tae the newly established State o Slovenes, Croats an Serbs, afore it wis offeecially adjudicatit thegither wi the Meža Valley an Dravograd tae the Kinrick o Serbs, Croats an Slovenes bi the 1919 Treaty o Saint-Germain.

Economy[eedit | eedit soorce]

Agricultur[eedit | eedit soorce]

The main activities that locals engage in are tourism, cattle breedin, an forestry. Cattle breedin is extensive in Jezersko, baith bi private ferms an lairger corporations. Jezersko is the place o the oreegin o the breed o sheep kent as the Jezersko–Solčava sheep an aw. A sheep festival cried the Ovčji bal is held annually in mid-August.

Tourism[eedit | eedit soorce]

Jezersko haes a long tourist tradeetion. Thare is a 3-starn hotel in Jezersko[4] as well as private accommodation in sel-caterin units at vacation ferms.[5] The location o the veelage affers exceptional views o the surroondin muntains, and it is a stairtin point for muntain hikin routes tae Grintovec, Kočna, an Veliki Vrh. The Ledine an Češka koča muntain huts are well kent tae muntain hikers.[6] Loch Planšar (Sln. Planšarsko jezero) in Zgornje Jezersko is a airtificial loch creatit efter Warld War II. In winter skiin is possible an aw.

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