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An Muileann gCearr
The Cathedral o Christ the Keeng, Mey 2007
Mullingar is locatit in Ireland
Location in Ireland
Coordinates: 53°31′21″N 7°20′16″W / 53.5224°N 7.3378°W / 53.5224; -7.3378Coordinates: 53°31′21″N 7°20′16″W / 53.5224°N 7.3378°W / 53.5224; -7.3378
Kintra Ireland
Province Leinster
Coonty Westmeath
 • Dáil Éireann Longford–Westmeath
 • Local authority Westmeath County Council
Elevation 101 m (331 ft)
Population (2016)
 • Tot 20,928
Eircode N91
Aurie code(s) 044
Irish Grid Reference N425523

Mullingar (/ˌmʊl.ɪnˈɡɑːr/; Erse: An Muileann gCearr, meaning "the left-haundit mill") is the coonty toun o Coonty Westmeath in Ireland. It is the 3rd maist populous toun in the midlands region wi a population o 20,928 in the 2016 census.[6]

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