Mull o Kintyre test

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Kintyre is heichlichtit in reid. The "Mull o Kintyre" properly refers tae the heidland at the soothrenmaist end, but in this context the apparent angle o the whole peninsula is the relevant standard against which a penis would be compared.

The Mull o Kintyre test or Mull o Kintyre rule is an urban legend that an unoffeecial guideline wis uised bi the British Board of Film Classification (BBFC) in the Unitit Kinrick tae decide whether an image o a penis could be shawn. Accordin tae the meeth, the BBFC would nae permit the general release o a film or video if it depictit a phallus erect tae the point that the angle it made frae the vertical wis heicher than that o the Mull o Kintyre, Argyll an Bute, on cairts o Scotland. The BBFC haes denied that this test existit.[1][2]

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