Muirhead Bone

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Sir Muirhead Bone
Muirhead Bone during the Battle of the Somme.jpg
Bone in the Battle o the Somme in 1916
Born23 Mairch 1876(1876-03-23)
Glesga, Scotland
Died21 October 1953(1953-10-21) (aged 77)
Oxford, Ingland
EddicationGlasgow School of Art
Kent forPentin, etchin, drypynt, drawing

Sir Muirhead Bone (23 Mairch 1876 – 21 October 1953) wis a Scots etcher, drypynt an wattercolour airtist that becam kent for his depiction o industrial an architectural subjects an his wark as a war airtist in baith the First an Seicont Warld Wars.