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Mount Erebus

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Mount Erebus
Munt Erebus, 1972
Heichest pynt
Elevation3,794 m (12,448 ft) [1]
Prominence3,794 m (12,448 ft) [1]Ranked 34t
Isolation121 kilometre (75 mi)
Coordinates77°31′47″S 167°09′12″E / 77.52972°S 167.15333°E / -77.52972; 167.15333Coordinates: 77°31′47″S 167°09′12″E / 77.52972°S 167.15333°E / -77.52972; 167.15333[2]
Cairt o Antarctica shawin location o Mount Erebus
Cairt o Antarctica shawin location o Mount Erebus
Mount Erebus
Mount Erebus in Antarcticae
LocationRoss Island, Antarctica
Topo mapRoss Island C
Age o rock1.3 million years
Muntain teepStratovolcano (composite cone).
Last eruption2011
First ascent1908 bi Edgeworth David an party[3]
Easiest routeBasic snow & ice climb

Mount Erebus /ˈɛrbəs/ is the seicont heichest volcano in Antarctica (efter Mount Sidley) an the soothrenmaist active volcanae on yird. It is the 6t heichest ultra muntain on an island.[1] Wi a summit elevation o 3,794 metre (12,448 ft), it is locatit on Ross Island, which is an aa home tae three inactive volcanoes, Mount Terror, Mount Bird, an Mount Terra Nova.

The volcano haes been observed tae be continuously active[4] syne 1972 an is the steid o the Mount Erebus Volcano Observatory run bi the New Mexico Institute o Minin an Technology.[5]


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