Moscow Kremlin

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Moscow Kremlin
Native name
Roushie: Моско́вский Кремль
Moscow ViewOfKremlin V45.jpg
View o the Kremlin frae the Moskva River (Borovitskaya Touer an the Kremlin Waw in the foregrund)
Location Moscow, Roushie
Coordinates 55°45′6″N 37°37′4″E / 55.75167°N 37.61778°E / 55.75167; 37.61778Coordinates: 55°45′6″N 37°37′4″E / 55.75167°N 37.61778°E / 55.75167; 37.61778
Aurie 27.7 hectares (0.277 km2)
Built 1482–1495
Offeecial name: Kremlin an Reid Squerr, Moscow
Teep Cultural
Criterie i, ii, iv, vi
Designatit 1990 (14t session)
Reference no. 545
State Pairty Roushie Federation
Region Europe
Moscow Kremlin is locatit in Moscow
Moscow Kremlin
Central Moscow

The Moscow Kremlin (Roushie: Моско́вский Кремль), uisually referred tae as the Kremlin, is a fortified complex at the hert o Moscow, owerleukin the Moskva River tae the sooth, Saunt Basil's Cathedral an Reid Squerr tae the east, an the Alexander Gairden tae the wast.