Moscow, Indie

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Moscow is locatit in Kerala
Coordinates: 9°32′0″N 76°37′0″E / 9.53333°N 76.61667°E / 9.53333; 76.61667
Kintra  Indie
State Kerala
Destrict Kottayam
 • Offeecial Malayalam, Inglis
Time zone IST (UTC+5:30)
Vehicle registration KL-

Moscow is a veelage in the Kottayam destrict o Kerala, Indie. The name wis institutit acause o Soviet influence in Kerala durin the Cauld War. Locatit near Thengana, Moscow is easily accessible bi bus an lees midwey atween Thiruvalla an Changanasseri. Initially a sleepy little hamlet, it haes nou developit intae ane o the suburbs o Chanaganasseri with aw facilities includin hospitals, schuils (Good Shepherd School) an kirks, aw athin walkin distance. Kottayam, Changanasseri an Tiruvalla are the major touns nearbi an the nearest railwey station is Changanasseri.

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