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Temporal range: Late Cretaceous,
70–66 Ma
Munted skelet cast o M. hoffmanni, Maastricht Naitural History Museum
Scientific classification e
Kinrick: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Order: Squamata
Superfaimily: Mosasauroidea
Faimily: Mosasauridae
Tribe: Mosasaurini
Genus: Mosasaurus
Conybeare, 1822
Teep species
Mosasaurus hoffmanni
Mantell, 1829

M. missouriensis (Harlan, 1834)
M. conodon Cope, 1881
M. lemonnieri Dollo, 1889
M. beaugei Arambourg, 1952


Batrachiosaurus Harlan, 1839
Batrachotherium Harlan, 1839
Drepanodon Leidy, 1861 non Nesti, 1826
Lesticodus Leidy, 1861
Baseodon Leidy, 1865
Nectoportheus Cope, 1868
Pterycollosaurus Dollo, 1882

Mosasaurus ("lizard o the Meuse River") is a genus o mosasaurs, extinct carnivorous aquatic squamates. It existit in the Maastrichtian age o the late Cretaceous period, atween aboot 70 an 66 million years aby, in wastren Europe an North Americae.