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Mormons (/[unsupported input]ˈmɔːrmənz/) are a releegious an cultural group relatit tae Mormonism, the principal branch o the Latter Day Saunt muivement, which began wi the veesions o Joseph Smith in upstate New York durin the 1820s. Efter Smith's daith in 1844 the Mormons follaeed Brigham Young tae wha wad acome the Utah Territory. The day a vast majority o Mormons are members o The Kirk o Jesus Christ o Latter-day Saunts (LDS Kirk) while a minority are members o ither kirks. Some Mormons are either unthilt or nan-practicin. The centre o Mormon cultural influence is in Utah, an North Americae haes mair Mormons than ony ither continent, tho the majority o Mormons live ootside the Unitit States.

Mormons hae developit a strang sense o communality that stems frae thair doctrine an history. Durin the 19t century Mormon converts tendit tae gather tae a central geografic location, an atween 1852 an 1890 a minority o Mormons openly practicit plural marriage, a form o releegious polygamy. Mormons dedicate lairge amoonts o time an resoorces tae servin in thair kirk, an mony young Mormons chuise tae serve a full-time proselytisin mission. Mormons hae a halth code that eschews alcoholic beverages, tobacco, coffee, tea, an ither addictive substances. Thay tend tae be vera faimily-orientit, an hae strang connections athort generations an wi extendit faimily. Mormons hae a strict law o chastity an aw, requirin abstention frae sexual relations ootside o marriage an strict fidelity athin marriage.

Mormons sel-identifee as Christian, tho some o thair beliefs differ frae mainstream Christianity. Mormons believe in the Bible, as well as ither beuks o scriptur, such as the Beuk o Mormon. Thay hae a unique view o cosmologie, an believe that aw fowk are spirit-childer o God. Mormons believe that returnin tae God requires follaein the example o Jesus Christ, an acceptin his atonement throu ordinances such as baptism. Thay believe that Christ's kirk wis restored throu Joseph Smith, an is guidit bi livin prophets an apostles. Central tae Mormon faith is the belief that God speaks tae his childer an answers thair prayers.

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