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A moraine is ony glacially furmed accumulation o unconsolidatit glacial debris (syle an rock) which can occur in currently glaciatit an umwhile glaciatit regions, sic as those auries actit upon bi a past glacial maximum. This debris mey hae been plucked off a valley fluir as a glacier advanced or it mey hae fallen off the valley walls as a result o frost wedgin or landslide. Moraines mey be componed o debris rangin in size frae silt-sized glacial flour tae lairge boulders. The debris is teepically sub-angular tae roondit in shape. Moraines mey be on the glacier’s surface or depositit as piles or sheets o debris whaur the glacier haes meltit. Moraines mey an aa occur when glacier- or iceberg-transportit rocks faw intae a body o watter as the ice melts.