Moontain o Smoke

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Moontain o Smoke (جبل الدخان)
Moontain o Smoke (جبل الدخان) is locatit in Bahrain
Moontain o Smoke (جبل الدخان)
Moontain o Smoke (جبل الدخان)
Heichest pynt
Elevation134 m (440 ft) [1]
Prominence134 m (440 ft) [1]
LeetinKintra heich pynt
Coordinates26°2′20″N 50°32′35″E / 26.03889°N 50.54306°E / 26.03889; 50.54306Coordinates: 26°2′20″N 50°32′35″E / 26.03889°N 50.54306°E / 26.03889; 50.54306

The Moontain o Smoke (Arabic: جبل الدخان‎, Jabal ad Dukhan) is a hill in the Soothren Govrenorate o Bahrain. At 122 m (400 ft) abuin mean sea level, it is the kintra's heichest pynt. The Moontain o Smoke is named as sic acause o the haze which eften surroonds it on humid days. A nummer o caves o indeterminate teep are in the vicinity o the moontain.[2]

Flint datin tae the Stane Age hae been foond on an aroond the hill.[3]

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