Moont Pinatubo

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Moont Pinatubo
Pinatubo91eruption clark air base.jpg
The eruption column o Moont Pinatubo on Juin 12, 1991, three days afore the climactic eruption.
Heichest pynt
Elevation 1,486 m (4,875 ft) (current)
1,745 m (5,725 ft) (before 1991 eruption)
Leetin Active volcano
Coordinates 15°08′30″N 120°21′00″E / 15.14167°N 120.35000°E / 15.14167; 120.35000Coordinates: 15°08′30″N 120°21′00″E / 15.14167°N 120.35000°E / 15.14167; 120.35000
Pronunciation /ˌpnəˈtb/
Moont Pinatubo is locatit in Philippines
Moont Pinatubo
Moont Pinatubo
Location within the Philippines
Location Luzon
Kintra Philippines
Region Central Luzon
Parent range Zambales Moontains
Age o rock Between 635,000 ± 80,000
and 1.1 ± 0.09 million years[2]
Muntain teep Stratovolcano[1]
Last eruption 1993[1]

Moont Pinatubo (Kapampangan: Bunduk a Pinatubu / Bunduk nang Apung Maliari; Ilocano: Bantay Pinatubo; Tagalog: Bundok Pinatubo / Bulkang Pinatubo) is an active stratovolcano in the Cabusilan Moontains on the island o Luzon, near the tripynt o the Philippine provinces o Zambales, Tarlac an Pampanga.[3][4] Its eruptive history wis unkent tae maist afore the volcanic activities o 1991. Pinatubo wis hivily erodit, inconspicuous, an obscured frae view. It wis covered wi dense forest which supportit a population o several thoosand indigenous Aetas.

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