Moont Hasan

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Mount Hasan
Vulkan Hasan Bagi.jpg
Heichest pynt
Elevation3,268 m (10,722 ft) [1]
Prominence1,922 m (6,306 ft) [1]
Coordinates38°07′39″N 34°10′00″E / 38.12750°N 34.16667°E / 38.12750; 34.16667Coordinates: 38°07′39″N 34°10′00″E / 38.12750°N 34.16667°E / 38.12750; 34.16667[1]
Mount Hasan is locatit in Turkey
Mount Hasan
Mount Hasan
LocationAksaray Province, Turkey
Muntain teepStratovolcano
Last eruption6200 BC

Moont Hasan (Turkis: Hasan Dağı) is an inactive stratovolcano in Aksaray province, Turkey. Wi an elevation o 3,268 m (10,722 ft),[2] it ranks as the seicont heichest muntain o central Anatolia\e. A caldera 4-5 kilometres wide furmed near the current summit aroond 7500 BC, in an eruption recorded in Neolithic pentins.[3]

The auncient settlement o Çatalhöyük collectit obsidian frae the aurie o Hasan Dağ, which thay probably tradit wi ither settlements for luxury goods. Obsidian mirrors an flakes haeve awso been foond. The importance o Hasan Dağ tae the fowk o Çatalhöyük mey be shawn bi a wall pentin, whiles cried the "first landscape" bi airt historians, which some believe is a depiction o Hasan Dağ towering ower the settlement's hooses.

It wis the seicont moontain frae the sooth in the Byzantine beacon seestem uised tae warn the Byzantine caipital o Constantinople o incursions during the Arab–Byzantine wars.

Approximately a sax hoors' walk is required tae climb tae the tap o the moontain frae the heichest pynt accessible bi car. The summit offers a fabulous view ower the central Anatolian plateau, includin distant Cappadocia.

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