Moont Damavand

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Damāvand seen frae the sooth-wast
Heichest pynt
Elevation5,610 m (18,410 ft) [1][2][3]Template:Disputed-inline[4]
Prominence4,667 m (15,312 ft) [3][5]
Ranked 12th
Isolation1,165 kilometres (724 mi)
LeetinVolcanic Seiven Summits
Kintra heich pynt
Coordinates35°57′20″N 52°06′36″E / 35.95556°N 52.11000°E / 35.95556; 52.11000Coordinates: 35°57′20″N 52°06′36″E / 35.95556°N 52.11000°E / 35.95556; 52.11000[5]
Damāvand is locatit in Iran
Location in Iran
LocationAmol, Māzandarān, Iran
Parent rangeAlborz
Muntain teepStratovolcano
Last eruption5350 BCE ± 200 years
First ascent905 bi Abu Dolaf Kazraji[6]
Easiest routeHike

Moont Damāvand (Persie: دماوند[dæmävænd] ( listen)), a potentially active volcano, is a stratovolcano which is the heichest peak in Iran an the Middle East as well as the seicont heichest volcano in Asie.[7] [8][lower-alpha 1] Damāvand haes a special place in Persie Meethologie an folklore. It is in the middle o the Alborz range, adjacent tae Varārū, Sesang, Gol-e Zard, an Mīānrūd. It is near the soothren coast o the Caspian Sea, in Amol Coonty, Mazandaran Province, 66 kilometres (41 miles) northeast o the ceety o Tehran.[9]

Moont Damāvand is the 12th most prominent peak in the warld, an the seicont maist prominent in Asie efter Moont Everest. It is pairt o the Volcanic Seiven Summits mountaineerin challenge.

Notes[eedit | eedit soorce]

  1. The Kunlun Volcanic Group in Tibet is heicher than Damāvand, but are nae conseedert tae be volcanic moontains.

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