Moont Bazardüzü

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Moont Bazardüzü
Bazarduzu detail.JPG
Bazardüzü viewed frae Shahdagh
Heichest pynt
Elevation 4,467 m (14,656 ft) [1]
Prominence 2,454 m (8,051 ft) [1]
Leetin Kintra heich pynt
Coordinates 41°13′28″N 47°51′30″E / 41.22444°N 47.85833°E / 41.22444; 47.85833Coordinates: 41°13′28″N 47°51′30″E / 41.22444°N 47.85833°E / 41.22444; 47.85833[1]
Moont Bazardüzü is locatit in Azerbaijan
Moont Bazardüzü
Moont Bazardüzü
Location o Moont Bazardüzü in Azerbaijan
Location AzerbaijanRoushie border
Kintra Azerbaijan and Dagestan
Parent range Greater Caucasus

Mount Bazardüzü (Azerbaijani: Bazardüzü dağı, Azerbaijani pronunciation: [bɑzɑrdyˈzy]; Lezgian: КичIен сув [kiˈtʃʼe suv]; Roushie: Базардюзю, Roushie pronunciation: [bəzərdʲʉˈzʲu]) is a moontain peak in the Greater Caucasus range on the border atween Roushie an Azerbaijan. At 4,467 metres (14,656 ft) above sea level, it is the heichest peak in Azerbaijan an is locatit in Qusar region. The soothrenmaist pynt o Roushie is locatit aboot seiven kilometers soothwast o the peak.

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