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A monorail is a rail-based transportation seestem based on a singil rail, at acks as the aesome support an its guideway. The term is an aa uised variously tae descrieve the beam o the seestem, or the vehicles traivelin on sich a beam or track. The term originates frae jynin mono (ane) an rail (rail), frae as aerly as 1897,[1] aiblins frae German engineer Eugen Langen who cried an elevated railway seestem wi wagons suspendit the Eugen Langen Ane-railed Suspension Tramway (Einschieniges Hängebahnsystem Eugen Langen). The transportation seestem is aften referred tae as a railway.[2]

Colloquially, the term "monorail" is aften uised erroneously tae descrieve ony furm o elevatit rail or fowk mover.[3] In fact, the term refers tae the style o track,[note 1] nae its elevation.

Notes[eedit | eedit soorce]

  1. The term "track" is uised here for simplicity. Technically the monorail sits on or is suspendit frae a guideway containin a singular structur. Thare is an addeetional generally acceptit rule that the support for the car be narraeer than the caur."Monorail Society, What is a monorail?". Retrieved 11 September 2010.

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