Mon leid

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Pronunciation[pʰesa mɑn]
Native taeBurma (Myanmar), Thailand
RegionIrrawaddy delta an east
Native speakers
Burma: 742,900
Tot: 850,530[1]
Burmese alphabet
(itself derived frae the
Auld Mon Indic-based script)
Offeecial status
Recognised minority
leid in
Burma (Myanmar), Thailand
Leid codes
ISO 639-3Either:
mnw – Modren Mon
omx – Auld Mon
omx Auld Mon

The Mon leid (Mon: ဘာသာမန်Aboot this soondlisten ; Burmese: မွန်ဘာသာစကားAboot this soondlisten ) is an Austroasiatic leid spoken bi the Mon, who live in Burma an Thailand. Mon, like the relatit leid Cambodian—but unlike maist leids in Mainland Sootheast Asie—is no tonal. Mon is spoken bi less nor a million fowk today.[1] In recent years, uisage o Mon haes declined rapidly, especially amang the yunger generation.[1] Mony ethnic Mon are monolingual in Burmese. In Burma, the majority o speakers live in Mon State, follaed bi Tanintharyi Division an Kayin State.[2]

The Mon script is derived frae Indian Brahmi script an is the source o the Burmese script.

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