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موهن جو دڙو (Sindhi)
موئن جو دڑو (Urdu)
The excavatit ruins o Mohenjo-daro in Sindh, Pakistan, in 2010.
Mohenjo-daro is locatit in Pakistan
Shawn within Pakistan
Location Larkana, Sindh, Pakistan
Teep Settlement
Aurie 200 ha (490 acres)[1]
Foondit 25t century BCE
Abandoned 19t century BCE
Culturs Indus Valley Ceevilisation
Offeecial name Airchaeological Ruins o Mohenjo-daro
Teep Cultural
Criterie ii, iii
Designatit 1980 (4t session)
Reference no. 138
State Pairty  Pakistan
Region Asie-Paceefic

Mohenjo-daro (Sindhi: موهن جو دڙو, Urdu: موئن جو دڑو, IPA: [muˑənⁱ dʑoˑ d̪əɽoˑ], lit. Moond o the Dead; Inglis pronunciation: /mˌhɛn. ˈdɑː.r/) is an aircheological steid in the province o Sindh, Pakistan.

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