Mohammed Bijeh

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Mohammed Bijeh (Persie: محمد بيجه‎) (7 Februar 1987 – 16 Mairch 2009) wis an Iranian serial killer. He confessed in court tae rapin an killin 16 young boys atween Mairch an September 2008, an wis sentencit tae 100 lashes follaeed bi execution. Aw the boys wur atween 8 an 15 year auld. In addition, he killed twa adults.

Execution[eedit | eedit soorce]

On 16 Mairch 2009, in Pakdasht, Iran, the toun near the desert aurie whare the killins occurred, in front o a croud o aboot 5,000, Bijeh's sark wis remuivit an he wis handcuffit tae an iron post, whare he receivit his lashins frae different judicial offeecials. He fell tae the grund mair nor ance durin the punishment but did no cry oot. A relative o ane o the victims managit tae get past security an stab Bijeh. The mither o ane o the victims put a blue nylon rope aroond his neck, an he wis hoistit aboot 10 metres in the air bi a crane till he dee'd.

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