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Autonomous Island o Mohéli[citation needit]
Île Autonome de Mohéli[citation needit]
The Comoros islands. Mohéli is the lawermaist shawn.
The Comoros islands. Mohéli is the lawermaist shawn.
an largest city
Offeecial leids
Govrenment Autonomous island
 •  Preses Mohamed Ali Said
 •  Tot 290 km2
112 sq mi
 •  Watter (%) negligible
 •  2006 estimate 38,000
 •  2003 census 35,400
Siller Comorian franc (KMF)
Time zone EAT (UTC+3)
 •  Simmer (DST) nae observed (UTC+3)
Cawin code +269
Internet TLD .km
a. Shimwali dialect.

Mohéli, an aa kent as Mwali, is ane o the three islands which mak up the naition o Comoros. Mohéli is locatit in the Indian Ocean aff the coast o Africae. It is bi far the smawest o the Comoros islands. Its population, as o 2006, is aboot 38,000. Its caipital ceety is Fomboni. Its main ethnic group, as on the ither Comoros islands Grande Comore an Anjouan as well as the French territory Mayotte, is the Comorian ethnic group, a synthesis o Bantu, Arab, Malay an Malagasy cultur, an the main releegion is Sunni Islam.