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The Roman empire in the time o Hadrian (ruled 117-138 AD), shawin, on the lawer Danube river, the imperial provinces o Moesia Superior (Serbie) an Moesia Inferior (N. Bulgarie/coastal Romanie), an the 2 legion deployed in each in 125

Moesia (/ˈmʃə/, /ˈmsi.ə/, or /ˈmʒə/;[1][2] Laitin; Greek: Μοισία)[3] wis an auncient region an later Roman province situatit in the Balkans, alang the sooth bank o the Danube River. It includit maist frae the territory o modren-day Serbie (wioot Vojvodina) an the northren pairts o the Republic o Macedonie, (Moesia Superior), as well Northren Bulgarie an Romanian Dobrudja, (Moesia Inferior).

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