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The Mitsubishi Toppo is a licht recreational vehicle (RV) produced bi Mitsubishi Motors frae 1990 till 2001, derived frae thair Minica kei caur. The name is a portmanteau o the Inglis "top" (ruif) an the Japanese "noppo" (lanky).[1]

Oreeginally named the Mitsubishi Minica Toppo, a retro-styled variant wis introduced in 1997 cawed the Mitsubishi Minica Toppo Town Bee. Later that year a new generation wis launched; it wis then referred tae as the Mitsubishi Toppo BJ ("Big Joy"). A lairger derivative, the Mitsubishi Toppo BJ Wide wis introduced in 1998. The model wis replaced bi the new eK in 2001, afore bein reintroduced in 2008.[2]

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