Mitsubishi Lancer

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Mitsubishi Lancer
2009 Mitsubishi Lancer ES.jpg
Manufacturer Mitsubishi Motors
Production 1973–present
Body and chassis
Cless Subcompact (1973–2000)
Compact (2000–present)

The Mitsubishi Lancer is a family caur biggit bi Mitsubishi Motors. It haes been ken as the Colt Lancer, Dodge/Plymouth Colt, Chrysler Valiant Lancer, Chrysler Lancer, Eagle Summit, Hindustan Lancer, Soueast Lioncel, Mitsubishi Carisma, an Mitsubishi Mirage in various kintras at different times, an haes been sauld as the Galant Fortis in Japan syne 2007. It haes an aa been sauld as Lancer Fortis in Taiwan wi a different facelift compared tae Galant Fortis.