Misiones Province

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Clockwise frae top: Iguazú Falls (Iguazú National Park), Posadas, Yerba Mate plantation, Guaraní Jesuit Mission of San Ignacio Miní.
Banner o Misiones
Coat o airms o Misiones
Coat o airms
Anthem: Misionerita (The Sang for the Bairn o Misiones)
Location o Misiones athin Argentinae
Location o Misiones athin Argentinae
Coordinates: 26°55′S 54°31′W / 26.92°S 54.52°W / -26.92; -54.52
Kintra  Argentinae
Caipital Posadas
Depairtments 17
Municipalities 78
 • Govrenor Maurice Closs
 • Deputies 7
 • Senators 3
Ranked 21st
 • Total 29,801 km2 (11,506 sq mi)
Population (2010[1])
 • Tot 1,101,593
 • Rank 9t
 • Density 37/km2 (96/sq mi)
Demonym(s) misionero
Time zone ART (UTC−3)
ISO 3166 code AR-N
Wabsteid www.misiones.gov.ar

Misiones (Spaingie pronunciation: [miˈsjones], Missions) is ane o the 23 provinces o Argentinae, locatit in the northeastren corner o the kintra in the Mesopotamica region. It is surroondit bi Paraguay tae the northwest, Brazil tae the north, east an sooth, an Corrientes Province o Argentinae tae the soothwast.

Poleetical diveesion[eedit | eedit soorce]

Misiones Province, Poleetical Diveesion.
Govrenor's offices, Posadas.

The province is dividit in 17 depairtments (Spaingie: departamentos):

Depairtment (Caipital)

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