Miri Yu

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Miri Yu
Miri Yu
Revised RomanisationYu Mi-ri
McCune–ReischauerYu Mi-ri
In Japanese: Yū Miri

Miri Yu (born 22 Juin 1968) is a Zainichi Korean playwricht, novelist, an essayist. Yu writes in Japanese, her native leid, but is a ceetizen o Sooth Korea.

Yu wis born in Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefectur, Japan, tae Korean parents. Efter droppin oot o the Kanagawa Kyoritsu Gakuen heich schuil, she joined the Tokyo Kid Brothers (東京キッドブラザース) theatre troupe an wirkit as a actress an assistant director. In 1986, she formed a troupe cried Seishun Gogetsutō (青春五月党), an the first o several plays written bi her wis published in 1991.

In the early 1990s, Yu switched tae writingprose. Her novels include Furu Hausu (フルハウス, "Full House", 1996), which wan the Noma leeterar prize for best wirk bi a new author; Kazoku Shinema (家族シネマ, "Family Cinema," 1997), which wan the prestigious Akutagawa Prize; Gōrudo Rasshu (ゴールドラッシュ, "Gold Rush" 1998), which wis translatit intae Inglis as Gold Rush (2002); an Hachi-gatsu no Hate (8月の果て, "The End of August," 2004). She haes published a dozen beuks o essays an memoirs, an she is a editor o an contributor tae the leeterar quarterly "en-taxi". Her best-sellin memoir Inochi (命, "Life") wis made intae a movie, titled Inochi an aw.

Yu's first novel, a semiautobiographical wirk titled Ishi ni Oyogu Sakana (石に泳ぐ魚, "The Fish Swimming in the Stone") published in the September 1994 issue o the leeterar jurnal Shinchō, became the focus o a legal an ethical controversy. The model for ane o the novel's main characters—an the body referred tae indirectly bi the title—objectit tae her depiction in the story. The publication o the novel in beuk form wis blocked bi court order, an some librars restrictit access tae the magazine version. Efter a prolonged legal fecht an widespread debate ower the richts o authors, readers, an publishers versus individuals' richts tae privacy, a revised version o the novel wis published in 2002.

Syne 2001, Yu haes livit in Kamakura. She haes ane son.

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