Milli Vanilli

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Milli Vanilli
Milli Vanilli and C. Michael Greene.jpg
Fab Morvan (left) an Rob Pilatus (richt) wi NARAS Preses C. Michael Greene (centre), Februar 1990
Background information
Forby kent as Rob & Fab
Oreigin Munich, West Germany
Genres Dance, new jack swing, R&B, funk, Eurodance, hip hop
Years active 1988–1990, 1997–1998
Labels Arista, Hansa
Associate acts The Real Milli Vanilli, Rob & Fab
Past members Representative:
Rafiell McNearly
Fab Morvan
Rob Pilatus
Charles Shaw
Brad Howell
John Davis
Jodie Rocco[1]
Linda Rocco
Frank Farian

Milli Vanilli was a German R&B duo frae Munich. Thay ineetially achieved success, winnin a Grammy Awaird for Best New Airtist. Thair success quickly turned tae infamy whan Morvan, Pilatus, an thair agent Sergio Vendero confessed that Morvan an Pilatus did nae sang ony o the vocals heard on their records. This resultit in the group bein stripped o thair Grammy Awaird for Best New Airtist.[2][3][4]

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