Millennium Stadium

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Millennium Stadium
Stadiwm y Mileniwm
Millennium Stadium Reflected.jpg
The Wast Stand o the Millennium Stadium
Location Cardiff, Wales, Unitit Kinrick
Coordinates 51°28′41″N 3°10′57″W / 51.47806°N 3.18250°W / 51.47806; -3.18250Coordinates: 51°28′41″N 3°10′57″W / 51.47806°N 3.18250°W / 51.47806; -3.18250
Public transit Cardiff Central railway station
Awner Welsh Rugby Union
Operator Welsh Rugby Union
Capacity 74,500[1]
Field size 120 m × 79 m (394 ft × 259 ft)[2]
Surface Grass
Brak grund 1997
Appent 26 Juin 1999[5]
Construction cost £121 million[3]
Airchitect Bligh Lobb Sports Architecture,
WS Atkins[4]
Welsh Rugby Union (Naitional team)
Fitbaa Association o Wales (Naitional team)

The Millennium Stadium (Welsh: Stadiwm y Mileniwm) is the naitional stadium o Wales, locatit in the caipital ceety, Cardiff.

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