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Military Forces of Colombia
Militar Forces of Colombie
Fuerzas Militares de Colombia
Escudo Fuerzas Militares de Colombia.svg
The tri-service badge
Service branches  Colombian Naitional Airmy
Flag of the Colombian Navy.png Colombian Naitional Navy
  Flag of the Colombian Naval Infantry.png Colombian Naval Infantry
 Colombie Air Force
Commander-in-Chief Preses Iván Duque Márquez
Meenister o Defence Luis Carlos Villegas
Commander General General Jose Alberto Mejia Ferrer
Militar age 18
Conscription 18 months Airmy and Air Force, 24 months Navy, 12 Months Naitional Polis
Available for
militar service
23,287,388 (2008 est.)[1], age 15–49 (2005 est.)
Fit for
militar service
17,976,288(2008 est.)[1], age 15–49 (2005 est.)
Reachin militar
age annually
875,595[1] (2005 est.)
Active personnel 470, 634 (2014)[2]
Budget COL$17.699 billion (US$12.1 billion) (2017)[3]
Percent o GDP 3.3% (2012)[4]
Domestic suppliers Indumil
Foreign suppliers  Unitit States
 Sooth Africae
 Unitit Kinrick
Annual exports  Turkey
Relatit airticles
History Meelitary histerie o Colombie

The Militar Forces o Colombie (Inglis: Military Forces of Colombia, Spaingie: Fuerzas Militares de Colombia) are the unifeed airmed forces o the Republic o Colombie. The Colombian meeltary is the seicont lairgest in the Wastren Hemisphere in terms of active personnel, behind the Unitit States Airmed Forces.[5] The Preses o Colombie is the militar's commander in chief, and helps formulate defence policy through the Meenistry o Naitional Defence (MinDefensa), which is in chairge of day-tae-day operations. The Colombian meelitary conseests of the Naitional Airmy o Colombie, Colombian Navy, Colombian Air Force and the Colombian Naval Infantry. Although the Naitional Polis o Colombie is technically nae pairt of the meelitary, it is controllit and admeenistered by the Meenistry of Defence, and haes a heichly meelitarized structure nae foond in maist of the world's law enforcement agencies, such as a distinction between enlistit and officer ranks, and the regular uise of heivy meelitary equipment. Colombian citizens presenting themselves for conscription mey awso join the Naitional Polis instead of the other airmed forces. This makes the Naitional Polis a de facto brainch of the meelitary.

The Colombian meelitary haes its roots in the unthirldom war against the Spanish Empire. Efter thair triumph against the Spanish, the Congress of Angostura creautit the Greater Colombian Airmy, tae replace the disbandit Commoners Airmy. The Colombian meelitary wis operationally involvit in World War II and wis the anely Latin American kintra tae send troops tae the Korean War. The Colombian Airmy haes been the main meelitary brainch involvit in the Colombian conflict. The meelitary of Colombie haes the third lairgest expenditure in the Americas, efter the Unitit States and Brazil respectively.[6] Recently it haes pairticipatit in counter-piracy efforts in the Horn of Africa unner Operation Ocean Shield and Operation Atlanta.

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