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The Theater of Miletus.jpg
The theatre o Miletus
Miletus is locatit in Turkey
Shawn within Turkey
LocationBalat, Didim, Aydın Province, Turkey
Coordinates37°31′49″N 27°16′42″E / 37.53028°N 27.27833°E / 37.53028; 27.27833Coordinates: 37°31′49″N 27°16′42″E / 37.53028°N 27.27833°E / 37.53028; 27.27833
Aurie90 ha (220 acres)
BiggerMinoans (later Mycenaeans) on steid o the Luwian or Carian ceety[1][2][3]
Site notes
Public accessYes
WabsteidMiletus Archaeological Site

Miletus (Auncient Greek: Μί̄λητος, romanised: Mīlētos; Hittite transcription Millawanda or Milawata (exonyms); Laitin: Miletus; Turkis: Milet) wis an auncient Greek ceety on the wastren coast o Anatolie, near the mooth o the Maeander River in auncient Caria.[3][4][5]

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