Miles Davis

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Miles Davis
Miles Davis by Palumbo.jpg
Davis in 1955
Background information
Birth name Miles Dewey Davis III
Born Mey 26, 1926(1926-05-26)
Alton, Illinois, US
Deid September 28, 1991(1991-09-28) (aged 65)
Santa Monica, Californie, US
Genres Jazz
  • Musician
  • bandleader
  • composer
Years active
  • 1944–1975
  • 1980–1991
Associate acts Miles Davis Quintet
Notable instruments
Martin Committee

Miles Dewey Davis III (Mey 26, 1926 – September 28, 1991) wis an American jazz trumpeter, bandleader, an componer. He is amang the maist influential an acclaimed figurs in the history o jazz an 20t century muisic. Wi his ever-chyngin directions in muisic, Davis wis at the forefront o a nummer o major styleestic developments in jazz ower his five-decade career.[1]

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