Milan Kundera

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Milan Kundera
Milan Kundera redux.jpg
Born (1929-04-01) 1 Aprile 1929 (age 90)
Brno, Czechoslovakie
(present day Czech Republic)
Thrift Writer
Naitionality Czech
Ethnicity Czech
Ceetizenship Fraunce
Alma mater Charles Vaersity, Prague; Academy o Performin Airts in Prague
Genre Novelle[1]
Notable warks The Joke (Žert) (1967)
The Beuk o Lauchter an Forgettin (1979)
The Unbeirable Lichtness o Bein (1984)
Notable awairds Jerusalem Prize
The Austrick State Prize for European Leeteratur
Vilenica Internaitional Leeterar Festival
Herder Prize
Czech State Literature Prize
Relatives Ludvík Kundera (1891–1971), faither
Ludvík Kundera (cuisin)


Milan Kundera (Czech: [ˈmɪlan ˈkundɛra]; born 1 Apryle 1929) is a Czech-born French writer that went intae exile in Fraunce in 1975, an becam a naituralised French ceetizen in 1981.

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  1. Oppenheim, Lois (1989). "An Interview with Milan Kundera". Archived frae the oreeginal on 14 October 2007. Retrieved 10 November 2008. Until I was thirty I wrote many things: music, above all, but also poetry and even a play. I was working in many different directions—looking for my voice, my style and myself... I became a prose writer, a novelist, and I am nothing else. Since then, my aesthetic has known no transformations; it evolves, to use your word, linearly.