Milan Cathedral

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Metropolitan Cathedral-Basilica o the Nativity o Saunt Mary
Basilica cattedrale metropolitana di Santa Maria Nascente (in Italian)
Milan Cathedral frae the Squerr.
Basic information
Location Milan, Italy
Geografic coordinates 45°27′51″N 9°11′29″E / 45.46417°N 9.19139°E / 45.46417; 9.19139Coordinates: 45°27′51″N 9°11′29″E / 45.46417°N 9.19139°E / 45.46417; 9.19139
Affiliation Catholic
Rite Ambrosian
Province Airchdiocese o Milan
Kintra Italy
Architectural description
Airchitectural style Italian Gothic
Grundbrakkin 1386
Completit 1965
Direction o façade Wast
Capacity 40,000
Lenth 158.5 metres (520 ft)
Weenth 92 metres (302 ft)
Weenth (nave) 16.75 metres (55 ft)
Hicht (max) 108 metres (354 ft)
Dome height (ooter) 65.5 metres (215 ft)
Spire(s) 135
Spire hicht 108.5 metres (356 ft)
Materials Brick wi Candoglia marble

Milan Cathedral (Italian: Duomo di Milano; Lombard: Domm de Milan) is the cathedral kirk o Milan, Italy.