Milan – San Remo

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Milan – San Remo
Race details
Date Mid-Mairch
Region North-wast Italy
English name Milan – San Remo
Local name(s) Milano–Sanremo (in Italian)
Nickname(s) The Spring classic (in Inglis)
La classica di Primavera (in Italian)
Discipline Road
Competition UCI Warld Tour
Type Ane-day
Organiser RCS Sport
First edeetion 1907 (1907)
Edeetions 104 (as o 2013)
First winner  Lucien Petit-Breton (FRA)
Maist wins  Eddy Merckx (BEL) (7 wins)
Maist recent  Vincenzo Nibali (ITA)

Milan – San Remo, "The Spring classic", is an annual cycle race atween Milan an Sanremo. It is the langest professional ane-day race at 298 km. The first wis in 1907, when Lucien Petit-Breton wan. The day it is ane o the 'Monuments' o European cyclin, an results contribute taewards the UCI Warld Rankin; till 2007 it wis pairt o the UCI ProTour. Frae 1999 tae 2005, a weemen's race, the Primavera Rosa wis organised alangside the men's but at a shorter distance.

Milan – San Remo is eften cried the sprinters' classic while its sister Italian race the Giro di Lombardia held in hairst is the climbers' classic.

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