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Milad Tower
Borj e Milād
Milad Tower location in Tehran.JPG
Location within Tehran (dark blue)
Alternative namesTehran Touer
General information
TeepTelecommunication, commercial, restaurant, observation
LocationTehran, Iran
Coordinates35°44′41″N 51°22′31″E / 35.74472°N 51.37528°E / 35.74472; 51.37528Coordinates: 35°44′41″N 51°22′31″E / 35.74472°N 51.37528°E / 35.74472; 51.37528
Construction stairtit2000
ManagementBoland Payeh Co.
Antenna spire435.0 m (1,427 ft)
Ruif315.0 m (1,033 ft)
Tap fluir312.0 m (1,024 ft)
Technical details
Fluir coont12
Fluir aurie154,000 m2 (1,660,000 sq ft)
Design an construction
AirchitectMohammad Reza Hafezi
Main contractorBoland Payeh Co.

Milad Touer (Persie: برج میلادBorj e Milād), an aa kent as the Tehran Touer (برج تهران Borj e Tehrān),[3] is a multi-purpose tower in Tehran, Iran. It is the saxth-tallest touer[4] and the 24th-tallest freestaundin structure in the warld.[5]

It is locatit between Qarb Toun and the destrict of Gisha, staunding at 435 meters frae the base tae the tip of the antenna.[6] The heid conseests of a lairge pod with 12 fluirs, the roof of which is at 315 meters.

The touer is a pairt of the Internaitional Trade and Convention Centre of Tehran, which awso includes a five-star hotel, a convention center, a warld trade center and an IT park.[1][2][3]

Histerie[eedit | eedit soorce]

Background[eedit | eedit soorce]

The Milad Touer wis pairt of the Shahestan Pahlavi project, a vast development for a new govrenment and commercial centre for Tehran, that wis designed in the 1970s but never materialized, except for the Touer. Efter an internaitional competition, the project wis awarded tae the Llewely Davies Company, and construction wis inauguratit on August 19, 1975, with the Shah o Iran and the Mayor of Tehran Dr G.R. Nickpay burying a commemorative gold plaque .[7]

Construction[eedit | eedit soorce]

The construction of the touer wis commenced in 1997. Upon completion of its construction in the mid 2000s, the Milad Touer wis conseedert the fowerth-tallest freestaundin telecommunication touer in the warld.[3] While the touer opened in 2007, numerous conflicts on the histerie of the tower still prevail, pairtly because sections of the touer were open tae veesitors once the elevators stairtit operating during construction and the touer wis still far frae finished.[1][2][3]

The design of the project wis heidit by Iranian airchitect Mohammad Reza Hafezi. The general contractor wis the company of Boland Payeh, and the main client and investor wis the company of Yadman Sazeh, a representative of the Municeepality of Tehran.[2]

The touer wis offeecially opened on February 20, 2009 by the 55th Mayor of Tehran, Mohammad Bagher Ghalibaf, and members of the Ceety Cooncil of Tehran. Mair than 250 local and foreign journalists were covering the event.

Structur an features[eedit | eedit soorce]

An outline of the Milad Tower.
The Milad Touer amang the warld's seiven tallest touers.

Milad Touer is 435 metres (1,427 ft) tall and is the tallest touer in Iran, and the saxth-tallest telecommunication touer in the warld. It conseests of five main pairts, including the foondation, transeetion (lobby) structur, shaft, heid structur and the antenna mast.

The lobby structure conseests of sax floors. The first three floors conseest of 63 trade units, 11 fuid coorts, a cafeteria, and a commercial products exhibition which is supposit tae be about 260 square metres (2,800 sq ft).[3] The first and seicont unnergrund floors conseest of installing sections and a data centre. The grund fluir is dedicatit tae the entrance and the gatehouse.

Inside one of the elevators of the Milad Touer.

The shaft is a concrete structur about 315 metres (1,033 ft) heich frae the grund fluir. Sax elevators in three different sides of the shaft are uised tae transfer the visitors tae the head of the touer at the speed of 7 metres per second (0.0070 km/s), besides an emergency staircase at the fowerth side.

The heid of the touer is a steel structur weighing aboot 25,000 tonnes and conseesting of 12 floors. The tap floors of the touer include a public airt gallery, a cafeteria, a revolving restaurant, a VIP restaurant, telecommunication floors, mechanical floors, fire-immune auries biggit as a refuge zone,[8] a closed observation deck, an open observation deck, and a sky dome.[2]

The four-stage antenna mast is about 120 metres (390 ft) heich. The lower floor of the mast is for the adjustment of public uisers' telecommunication antennas, and the three upper floors are dedicatit tae the antenna of the Islamic Republic o Iran Broadcastin.[2][3]

The complex awso features a parking aurie of about 27,000 square metres (290,000 sq ft), a lairge computer and telecommunications unit, a cultural and scientific unit, a commercial transaction center, a temporary showroom for exhibiting products, a specialised library, an exhibition hall, and an admineestrative unit.

The Milad Tower haes an octagonal base, seembolisin traditional Iranian airchitectur.[2]

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References[eedit | eedit soorce]

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