Mil Mi-8

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Baltic Airlines Mil Mi-8 Aladyshkin.jpg
Mi-8 of Baltic Airlines takin off at Peter an Paul Fortress in Saunt Petersburg
Role Transport helicopter (an aa, several armed versions)
Design group Mil Moscow Helicopter Plant
Biggit bi Kazan Helicopter Plant
Ulan-Ude Aviation Plant
First flicht 7 Julie 1961
Introduction 1967
Status In service
Primar uisers Soviet Union (heestorical)
ca. 80 ither kintras, see Operators ablo
Produced 1961–present
Nummer biggit >17,000 an production continues the day; warld's maist-produced helicopter
Variants Mil Mi-8T/Mi-17
Developit intae Mil Mi-14

The Mil Mi-8 (Roushie: Ми-8, NATO reportin name: Hip) is a medium twin-turbine helicopter, oreeginally designed bi the Soviet Union, an nou produced bi Roushie.