Mikhail Kutuzov

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Mikhail Illarionovich Kutuzov
Portrait o Field Marshal Kutuzov
Born 16 September 1745(1745-09-16)
Saunt Petersburg, Roushie Empire
Dee'd 28 Aprile 1813(1813-04-28) (aged 67)
Bunzlau, Kinrick o Proushie
(nou Bolesławiec, Poland)
Buried at Kazan Cathedral, Saunt Petersburg
Allegiance  Roushie Empire
Service/branch Imperial Roushie Airmy
Years o service 1759–1813
Rank Field Marshal
Commands held Commander in Chief o Austro-Roushie force in the Third Coalition
Commander in Chief o Imperial Russian Army in Patriotic war of 1812

Russo-Turkis War (1768–1774)

Russo-Turkis War (1787–1792)

Russo-Turkis War (1806–1812)

Napoleonic Wars

Awairds Duke o Smolensk
1st cless Order o St. George

Prince Mikhail Illarionovich Golenishchev-Kutuzov (Roushie: князь Михаи́л Илларио́нович Голени́щев-Куту́зов; 16 September [A.S. 5 September] 1745 – 28 April [A.S. 16 April] 1813) wis a Field Marshal o the Roushie Empire.