Michelle McManus

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Michelle McManus
McManus performin live at the Glasgow Woman of the Year event in Mairch 2010
Background information
Forby kent as Michelle
Born (1980-05-08) 8 Mey 1980 (age 39)
Oreigin Glesga, Scotland
Genres Pop, dance, R&B, electropop
Thrift Sangster-sangwriter, columnist, umwhile television host, actress an radio DJ
Instruments Vocals
Years active 2003–current
Labels Sony BMG (2003–2005)
McManni Records (2007–present)[1]
Wabsteid Official website

Michelle McManus (born 8 May 1980[2]) is a Scots sangster, columnist, an umwhile televeesion presenter, radio DJ an occasional actress, that is perhaps best mynd o the winner o the seicont series o UK talent series Pop Idol in 2003.

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