Michael II

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Michael II
Emperor o the Byzantine Empire
Michael II and Theophilos solidus.jpg
Michael II an his son Theophilos, foonders o the Amorian dynasty.
Ring December 25, 820 – October 2, 829
Predecessor Leo V the Armenie
Successor Theophilos
Born 770
Dee'd October 2, 829 (aged 59)
Consort Thekla, Euphrosyne
Issue Theophilos
Dynasty Phrygian Dynasty

Michael II (Greek: Μιχαήλ Β', Mikhaēl II), surnamed the Amorian (ὁ ἐξ Ἀμορίου) or the Stammerer (ὁ Τραυλός or ὁ Ψελλός), reigned as Byzantine Emperor frae December 820 tae his daith on 2 October 829, the first ruler o the Phrygian or Amorian dynasty.