Miami Marlins

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Miami Marlins
2020 Miami Marlins saison
Established in 1993
Marlins team logo.svgMarlins cap insignia.svg
Team logoCap insignia
Major league affiliations

Current uniform
Retired numbers42 (Retired bi MLB)
  • Midnicht black, Miami blue, Caliente reid, Sclate gray[1][2][3]
  • Miami Marlins (2012–present)
  • Florida Marlins (19932011)
Ither nicknames
  • The Fish
Major league teetles
Warld Series teetles (2)
NL Pennants (2)
East Diveesion titles (0)Nane
Wild card berths (2)
Front office
Awner(s)Bruce Sherman
Derek Jeter (non-controllin)[4]
ManagerDon Mattingly
Preses o Basebaw OperationsMichael Hill

The Miami Marlins are an American perfaisional basebaw team based in Miami, Florida. Thay compete in Major League Baseball (MLB) as a member club o the National League (NL) East diveesion. Thair hame pairk is Marlins Park. Tho ane o anerly twa MLB franchises tae hae niver wan a diveesion teetle (the ither is the Colorado Rockies), the Marlins hae wan twa World Series championships as a wild card team.

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